Photo banner become a central point in a party

When preparing for a party, you want to do your best to show the theme of the party. To do that, you use colour schemes and other items to decorate! From the perspectives of vision, color, gas field, and all angles, you may feel that adding a banner will make it easier to express the theme and purpose.

To help with your vision, colour, atmosphere, adding a banner will make your party’s theme pop! In this way, the banner can easily become a central point in a party. Add a design on the background to the text banner to make it more responsive to the overall party atmosphere. Add one or two photos to the banner, so the banner may brings more memories, topics,in to this party. isn’t this the desired effect of the party? Photo banner is an original product of printhalll that has been sold in eBay stores for many years.
The banner can easily become the fain feature of the party. Using our designs add your own text to make it match the party atmosphere. Add one or two photos, so the banner can bring more memories, as well as a conversation starter to this party. Isn’t this the desired effect of the party? Our photo banners are an original product of Printhall that have been sold in eBay stores for many years.

Customisable Height Charts

Time flies and kids grow up so quickly. Our personalised height charts are the perfect way to keep track of growing little ones by plotting their height as they grow up. For those that seem to have everything, our height charts are not only a thoughtful and unique gift, but something that they would definitely use and appreciate.

Printed on high-quality materials, our height charts are a fantastic keepsake for parents of newborns or young kids. Customise the chart to include their name and birthdate for that extra special touch. They are also easy to put up and a great addition to the kid’s bedrooms. 

Our Baby Chart are for 0 – 3 yr olds with the ruler measuring from 0 – 100 cm

Our Kids Height Charts are for kids 4 yrs and older with the ruler measuring from 60 – 160cm.

Both Charts are measurements are 1m in length

Things That Make A Woman More Beautiful

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