Bumble Bee Baby Shower Personalised Banner

Bumble Bee Baby Shower Personalised Banner


Our customers love and reorder our Personalised Baby Shower Banners as they are:
♥ The perfect addition to a baby shower or gender reveal party
♥ banners are a memorable centrepiece to any special occasion or party
♥ One of a kind
♥ Value for money
♥ high-quality banners made in Australia offered at an affordable price

It’s easy – create a thoughtful gift in a few easy steps. Simply pick a theme and make it personal by adding your own images, photos or text.
If it’s a gift, we can also print a matching premium card with a personalised message.


Additional information


1200mm x 240mm


Flag canvas fabric. Waterproof, gentle, washable and iron safe


We use ink with low chemical emissions which makes our product child-friendly and suitable for indoor use. Our use of 3M MCS Warranty Component for HP Latex Ink means our product meets UL Greenguard Gold Certified product standards. For more information visit the greenguard.org website.


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