Autumn Birds Owls Custom Measuring Height Growth Chart + 8 Wall Stickers

Autumn Birds Owls Custom Measuring Height Growth Chart + 8 Wall Stickers


Our Personalized Height Charts are the perfect and fun way to document your kid’s growth spurts: Children grow up so fast, so track your little one’s growth and development with a personalized height chart before the memories are gone! They’ll be excited to know how much they have grown and a great way to bond and build memories together!    There is no better gift than a personalized height chart!   A thoughtful gift idea that is personalized for each individual child that can be kept as a keepsake.






Product specifications:
Size: 1200mm x 240mm
Material: flag canvas fabric. Waterproof, gentle washable and iron safe.
Durability: lasts 15 years of indoor use. Also suitable for outdoor use.
Ink: we use ink with low chemical emissions which makes our product child-friendly and suitable for indoor use. Our use of 3M MCS Warranty Component for HP Latex Ink means our product meets UL Greenguard Gold Certified product standards. For more information visit the website.

Height Chart Selection: 3 Options – Premade , Customised(Personalized), and Customised plus review printing.

ADD On Services: 1.matching height chart stickers that you can use to decorate the nursey wall as well as the height chart. 2 x A4 sheets of Vinyl removable Stickers and Gift package plus gift message card.(please note – stickers may not adhere well on silicon-based paint).

2. Add gift pack and gift message card service

How to Put The Height Chart Up 

Most of our customers typically use things like doubled sided tape and blue tackle also suggest pins or installing using thumbtacks or a hole punch.

Processing Your Order

1. If you have placed a customized banner order, you will be able to change the ‘text’ and the image’ of the design after you have put through your order. Do this by providing us with the ‘text’ and the ‘images’ you’d like to replace or add to the banner

2. To send us an image(s) to Our email address:[email protected]

3. Help us process your order as quickly as possible – please provide all instructions at the time of the order,

4. Please attach follow sentence to confirm your image copyright (I own the copyright to this image and instruct you to print on this products) when you going to insert copyright image.

Limit Customisation Requirements

You can change the text and the text colour for you. Bear in mind, of course, that if you wish to have a long sentence added the words will naturally be a lot smaller.

The Background color is fixed. But you can change foregrounds art clip and TEXTs color

Personalized to the occasion or individual by adding a message (less than 20 characters) and/or a photo (1maximum) This applies to all our charts available in our store.

How To Remove Creases: In some cases, due to our desire for value for money postage. These creases can be removed by ironing. Do not iron directly on the printing side and do not have the temperature higher than 110 degrees Celsius.

Alternatively, the chart can also be rinsed out and hung to dry.

Cost for Extra service: Additional review cycles ($8.00 additional fee for additional review cycles if required) – if additional review cycles are required, extra charges may apply and will be discussed with the customer. (each review cycle is limited to two changes, Only one FREE review cycle comes with Customised With review before printing option)





Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 0.2 mm
Height Chart Selection

Pre-Made, Customised, Customised+review before printing

Add Stickers Pack (Select Add or Non)

Add Stickers Pack, Non

Gift Wrap+MessageCardPost Service ( Select Add or Non)

Gift Wrap+Gift Message Card, Non


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