Our customers love our banners as they:

  • are a thoughtful gift idea that is personalized to the individual or occasion – it’s so easy to add a photo, message or an in-joke
  • are the perfect memorable centerpiece for any special occasion – match it to a party theme or show someone just how well you know them.
  • keep it afterward as a memento of the special occasion
  • Our banner is the best-personalized gift:The best gift comes from the heart. If you’re looking for a gift that makes someone feel special, shows someone you know them or can serve as a memento, look no further than a personalized banner. 
  • Banners are a unique but important addition to an event or special occasion. It features in photographs and can be kept afterward to remind them of the special day. 
  • Printed on the high-quality durable material – our banners aren’t printed on paper but printed on a high-quality fabric and can be washed, ironed, written on, folded etc.
  • Printed with child-safe ink which means it can be used at kids parties.
  • Personalised to the occasion or individual by adding a message (less than 50 characters) and/or a photo (2 maximum) This applies to all our banners available in our eBay store